Democracy in Motion – The Mission that is Europe

For a solid unification of the regions of Europe founded on the principle of direct democracy

From the documenta in 1987 and the German Democratic Republic in 1990 via the Centre Pompidou in Paris in 1994 and Athens in 2009 to Rome in 2018

From Sept. 7th to Nov. 3rd, 2018 OMNIBUS will be travelling throughout Europe on the way to Rome. It will be doing so in response to an invitation by the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy, which is taking place there from Sept. 26th-29th, 2018.

Everywhere the OMNIBUS stops on its trans-Europe journey to Rome and back, spaces and forums will be opened pertaining to the question: How can we achieve a EUROPE of the regions? OMNIBUS has a proposal in its luggage pertaining to how this right can be structured and implemented in Germany. On the way to Rome and back it will be meeting with people and initiatives in Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Germany who likewise are working on the realisation of Direct Democracy in Europe. And in Rome it will be meeting with initiatives from all over the world.

The Stops:
Munich (Sept. 5th-7th) – Brenner-Pass (Sept. 11th) – Bolzano (Sept. 13th-15th) – Trient (Sept. 17th/18th) – Vignola (Sept. 20th) – Bologna (Sept. 21th) - Rome (Sept. 25th-Oct. 2nd) – Basel (Oct. 5th) – Stuttgart (Oct. 10th-13th) – via a number of other stops in Bavaria and Thuringia to Eisenach (Nov. 1st/2nd) – Ifta, Baumkreuz (Nov. 3rd).

Getting Democracy on the Move

“From centralism to the central idea of Direct Democracy and self-administration“

On its travels outside of Germany on an artistic incentive to Paris in 1994, to Athens in 2009 and to Rome in 2018, the OMNIBUS campaign FOR DIRECT DEMOCRACY has sought and is seeking to give a reminder of the founding impulse and the artistic mission of EUROPE, as well as of the realisation of the highest of human ideals, those of LIBERTY – EQUALITY – BROTHERHOOD; and to make them productive for the present day.

Rome is the center in which PUBLIC LAW was brought to birth by human beings. No longer divine law; now human law was installed to power. Rome also stands for the idea of a world empire, as well as for global law and global rights. And Rome is the beginning of the idea of power, of centralism, of national governments, and of the human right to private property, the public domain, and of landed interests. Little though we may be aware of it, “Roman Law”, that is, the setting of RIGHTS “from the top” by a central power, continues even today – 2,500 years later – to exert its influence on our thinking, on our societies, and on labor. This is the case not only in Europe, but the world over. The growing crises, above all those of nature and of democracy, are expressions of this principle of foreign domination. The very Earth is asserting herself to make clear her calling. But what is the calling of the Earth and of the human race? This question is our daily fare, and it is a question and a task for every human being on earth. This is the trail OMNIBUS follows on its travels throughout Europe.

“EUROPE”: the Artistic Mission

The redefinition of the task that is “EUROPE“ is a question that needs to be directed toward art. It is a question the idea of a new social order, one that takes the fundamental principles of freedom, equal rights and human self-determination as its point of orientation. This new social order, which by the way doesn’t exist yet, can only be implemented from the bottom by human beings, jointly, with equal rights, and by means of Direct Democracy. Direct Democracy always starts from the bottom and always concerns itself with objective matters of fact. Its point of leverage is CREATIVITY, the place where the human being is free – in human thinking, in human deeds and in defining the RIGHTS under which human beings want to live and work. The future of Earth and of humanity as a whole depends on the degree to which the human being can upright him or herself to self-determination. This is a responsibility that can no longer be outsourced. 

Art is the only force that possesses the revolutionary capacity to achieve this social change. Every person is capable of maturity (freedom). That is what constitutes his or her dignity. Self-determination is the power that drives the future forward. Not just for oneself, but with everyone, through everyone. In a democracy of the future, Right no longer emanates from “the top”, but rather from “the bottom” – by means of independent direct democratic referendums at all levels of national, regional, county and municipal government. Direct Democracy means self-administration. Its objective must be to reinstate the individual human being’s sovereign claim to the design of public space, and to reinstate the right to self-administration on those levels and in those spheres where people live and work. Diversity is not a problem; it is much rather a strength of democracy.

The artist Joseph Beuys had a name for a future social order of this kind that is fit for human beings, but that does not yet exist; that can much rather only come about through the free and equal participation of every individual person. He called such a social order the SOCIAL SCULPTURE.
omnibus (latin: for everyone, by everyone, with everyone)

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