Direct Democracy

The OMNIBUS is a self-governing and non-profit citizens' initiative working for the realisation of direct democracy through referendum.

What is the OMNIBUS?

OMNIBUS in Latin means „for all, through all, with all“.

Our origin is art. That is why we see the responsibility of every human being to shape the social whole. The coherent form can only come about through the joint work of all people. We stand for the realization of sovereignty and self-determination.

The moving OMNIBUS travels from city to city throughout the whole of Germany an the European Union. It is both transmitter and receiver in the process of developing a society shaped in dignity and personal responsibility. We lead a permanent discussion with the people about the possibilities of direct democracy.


A short video with Michael von der Lohe, Managing Director of the OMNIBUS for Direct Democracy, who tells what the OMNIBUS is and what his mission. Recorded in 2022 at the "Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy" in Lucerne, Switzerland:

What does the OMNIBUS want?

Direct Democracy is the instrument, the school and the path. It offers the possibility to contribute our abilities constructively and non-violently to the shaping of the community. Therefore, we call for the popular legislation on national level which consists of three stages: popular initiative, popular demand and popular referendum. We support the realization and reform of direct democracy on the federal level where it already exists and grant assistance within ongoing procedures.

How does the OMNIBUS work?

During every year, from April until October, the moving OMNIBUS visits schools, universities, enterprises and public spaces and helps with the process of spreading information and collecting signatures for popular initiatives.

We support and start initiatives for instance for an ecological and social economy, the protection of biodiversity, keeping the water clean and transparency laws. For referendums in the federal states, we offer the "Town Hall Finder", which can be used to find delivery points and registration offices for the signatures.

Our projects also include the call for a referendum for an unconditional income as well as a commitment to an ecological and democratic monetary cycle.

Several times the OMNIBUS has been on the road across the German border in Europe. With the "Project Europe" we want to remember the founding impulse and artistic mission of EUROPE: the realization of the highest ideals of humanity FREEDOM - EQUALITY - BROTHERHOOD (love) and make them productive for the present.
More (only in german): Project Europa

Who finances OMNIBUS?

OMNIBUS for Direct Democracy is an NGO that is supported by a circle of sponsors that is constantly growing as the OMNIBUS’ journey continues.

We do not receive any governmental funding.


Michael von der Lohe (Managing Director)
Telefon: +49 (0)2302 9567076

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